Preschool Theme About Boats

Posted on June 28, 2013 at 9:40 AM

Boats are a wonderful theme to include into a transportation preschool lesson plan or be the focus on its own. The topic of boats has many possibilities for an early childhood curriculum.

Introduce a Boat Theme at Group Circle Time

Begin a theme about boats together as a group. Ask children questions and record their answers. During this process, the children are honored for their ideas and additionally will learn from each other. Ask questions like:

•"Who has ever been on a boat?"

•"What kind of different boats are there?"

•"Do some people work on boats?"

•"Cars need engines and roads to drive, so what do boats need?"

Having images available of different kinds of boats is a great way to continue the learning process.

Boats Around the World

One possibility for a boat theme is to look at boats around the world. By looking at all different boats, children can offer ideas and learn about how the boats are different and how the boats are the same. Boats are used for fishing, sailing, transportation, sightseeing and so much more. A boat theme could easily correlate with a geography lesson.

Preschool Art Ideas for a Boat Theme

The following suggestions are open-ended projects in that the material is provided for the children and they can use their own imagination and choose how to create individual boats.

1) Boats from Paper Shapes

Material Suggestions:

•Paper shapes such as triangles, half circles and rectangles


•Popsicle sticks


•Blue construction paper for the backdrop

•Felt pens

•Glue sticks

Making Boats Using Paperplates

2) Floating Boats: Science

Provide children the following material to create boats that might float. Provide a tub of water to test the results. The process of trying to make the boats float would lend itself to a lesson about why things sink or float.

Material suggestions:

•Styrofoam meat trays/bowls

•Plastic Tupperware

•Modeling clay

•Popsicle sticks


•Triangle paper shapes

Love this one I found...using ice cubes

Snacks for a Boat Theme

With a boat theme, many snacks could easily be turned into sailboats with the addition of a triangle shape attached to a toothpick. Some suggestions for the boat are bananas, celery sticks, deviled eggs or even a bowl of cereal.

There are many more ideas that will float out of this article. A boat theme is truly a fun and easy topic for young children to explore.

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