Apple Preschool Theme

Posted on August 21, 2012 at 10:55 AM

Apples are a fun topic for young children to enjoy and learn about. The theme sits well in a larger preschool lesson plan on nutrition, but is also an appropriate theme to discuss with children during the fall harvest.

Apple Preschool Crafts

These apple craft suggestions range from easy to difficult in required skills for preschool ages:

1.Apple stamping is an easy art activity and fun to do. Cut an apple in half and place in a shallow container of red paint. Allow each child to use the apple as a stamp for painting.

2.Open Ended Project: Making an Apple Tree

Material Needed:

Red, green and brown paper

A picture of an apple tree

Scissors, glue and pencils for tracing

Circle shapes for tracing

  3.Tearing red construction paper into pieces to glue onto a small paper plate for an apple shape is a wonderful activity promoting fine motor skills.

4. An open face apple can be assembled with an apple shape made out of red construction paper along with a smaller white paper to glue on top, followed by black apple seeds and stem to finish the project.


5.This apple craft is more of a match activity. It is difficult in its task, but a great challenge for cognitive development. Provide each child with five paper apples, and five worms (an extra step would be to provide children with apple templates to draw and cut out five apples themselves). The child can print the numbers one through to five on each worm. Alternatively, this step can be completed by the teacher or adult preparing the art project. One worm is placed on each apple. The children then have to count out apples seeds, pre-cut from black paper to match the number on the worm. The seeds and worm are glued onto apples which are then attached onto a larger piece of paper.


Apple Poem

This apple poem is similar to an action song to be enjoyed in group circle. It also works well in the form of a felt story for a flannel board.

Way Up High in an Apple Tree:

Way up high in an apple tree, five little apples were looking at me. (children can be standing, pointing high up to the tree and then to themselves)

I shook that tree as hard as I could (children pretend to shake a tree)

And down came an apple, mmm, mmm, it was good. (children pick up an apple off the ground, take a bite and rub their tummies).

This poem continues until there are no more apples in the tree.

Apple Song

The following song can be included into an apple theme or used within a nutrition lesson plan or during the fall season

Apple Song: (Tune: Itsy Bitsy Spider)

Once a little apple seed was planted in the ground.

Down came the soft rain, falling all around.

Out came the sun as bright as it could be

And that little apple seed grew up to be a tree!

Final Suggestions

Cooking: There are many other ways to include learning activities into an apple theme within any early childhood environment. Cooking with apples is certainly a learning and enjoyable process for young children to participate in. Making apple sauce is an easy cooking activity for a group of young children.

Field Trip: Another wonderful inclusion into an apple theme is to visit an orchard or farm where children can view the apples on the tree and learn about how the apples are picked and harvested.

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