Kite Theme for a Preschool Curriculum

Posted on March 1, 2012 at 10:15 AM

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A kite theme in a preschool curriculum can occur in a spring preschool lesson plan, or as part of other topics such as shapes, colors and weather. The theme can focus on one day, over a week, or longer. The following article will provide some craft ideas, as well as song, poem and group activities using a kite theme.

Introduce a Kite Theme at Circle Time

Begin a theme on kites at circle time by asking the children what they know about kites. Record their answers and use them as a starting base for the learning process. Place the answers on a bulletin board for parents to read, such as inside a kite or a cloud.


 Some questions to ask preschool children about kites:


  • What is a kite?
  • What shape is a kite?
  • Are there different kinds of kites?
  • What do you need to fly a kite?
  • Have you ever flown a kite?
  • Is a kite heavy or light?

Facts About Kites


  • Kites have existed for centuries and can be found all around the world with great diversity in style and size
  • Kites are found in many festivals and celebrations, and historically were used for many reasons, such as communication.
  • Flying a kite is a popular hobby among all ages.
  • Kites come in all shapes and sizes (It would be helpful to find some pictures of kites off the internet, from a book, magazines and so forth to show young children similarities and differences in kites.)


Preschool Kite Crafts

1.Sun Catcher Kite: cut out two kite shapes with wax paper, and allow the child to use a mini grater to place crayon shavings onto one kite. Place the other wax paper kite shape over the crayon shavings, and then use an old iron on low temperature to melt the crayon, creating a fun design. When dry, the children can attach some ribbon strips to one end and a string on the other end.

2.Paper Bag Kites: with a brown paper bag, let the children decorate them with felt pens, crayons and stickers. When complete, punch a hole at the bottom and string a long piece of yarn through secured with a knot. Let the preschool children take their kite bags outside to fly in the air.


 paper bag kite Visit ArtyKids Blog for this Kite



3.Open Ended Art: Find collage material, such as foam shapes, stickers, fabric pieces, tissue paper and other light product. Then let children decorate their kites in a free art environment.

Kite Song

The following song is sung to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star


See my kite up in the sky

Flying past you, oh so high

With the wind, it moves so fast

Watch the clouds, moving past

See my kite up in the sky

Flying past you, oh so high!

Kite Matching Game

To learn about our colors, numbers or shapes, make a matching game with kite shapes. These kites can be made out of paper, foam or felt material. For number matching, place dots on the kites for the children at group circle to match their given numbers to. So, for instance, if one child was given the number five, he/she would have to find the kite with five dots on it. For color and/or design recognition, make pairs of kites. Place all the kites onto the easel, and give out one matching kite to each child. Each child will have to find their kite on the board. Young children love hands-on involvement, and in the process, this activity fosters concept skill development.

Kite Felt Story


One little kite in the sky so blue,

Along came another, then there were two.

Two little kites, flying high above me.

Along came another, then there were three

Three little kites, just watch them soar

Along came another, then there were four.

Four little kites, so high and alive

Along came another, then there were five.

Five little kites dancing across the sky,

What a sight to see, way up so high!

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