Vacation Preschool Lesson Plan

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Whether the vacation trip is close to home or far away, traveling for preschoolers can be a fun and a memorable experience. A preschool lesson plan on vacations can bring in many topics, such as the family, different cultures, geography, ocean and transportation. The following article will provide some ideas for crafts, drama play suggestions and a preschool song and game for a theme around vacations and traveling.

Introduce the Vacation Theme at Circle Time

Before the vacation theme begins; introduce the topic at a group circle by simply asking the preschool children what kind of vacations or trips they have taken with their family. Sometimes, this age needs a little more explanation about what a trip or vacation means and asking probing questions can get them remembering, such as:

•"Who has been on a plane before?"

•"Has anyone stayed in a hotel?"

•"Have you gone for a long car ride before? What did you bring?"

•"What do you need to go to sleep? Did your parents pack that for you?"

These questions will bring the stories out of the children as they remember a different place they visited aside from their home location. Record some or all of the answers and display on a bulletin board for parents to view. These answers might sit well among traveling photos that families can bring in for the duration of the theme.

Crafts for a Vacation Theme

Transportation picture: many of the topics that emerge when talking about traveling are related to different forms of transportation. A good craft is to find pictures of transportation either from magazines or using foam figures bought at craft stores. Provide each child with a large paper with the clouds in the sky, water, a road and a railroad track. The preschoolers can then glue pictures to appropriate places or wherever they wish. This craft project can also be done as a classroom mural.

Traveling treasure box: finding treasures or collectibles when traveling is one of the most special aspects of a vacation. This craft activity brings that idea into action by creating a box to collect those items for a future trip. The preschool teacher needs to find old maps either from her own home, parent donations or second-hand stores. The maps will be cut in small squares and then each child will be provided a cardboard box. These boxes can be donated or hopefully have been previously collected. Each child will glue the map pieces onto a box. The teacher can finish the projects with a decoupage seal.

•Passports: a teacher can create a passport photo page with lines underneath for preschool children to practice writing their names, age and addresses.

•Postcards: the children can draw a picture on a postcard shaped thick paper and on the other side, lines can be drawn for writing a note. Or, a child could have a message written by the teacher thanking the parent(s) for a vacation he/she went on. Then the postcards could be mailed. This craft activity works well with a field trip to the local Post Office.

Preschool Song about Traveling

This song to the tune of Old Macdonald works well for transportation or travel theme, and the words can be changed to correlate to preschool childrens' names in the classroom as well as suggestions provided by the preschoolers about what is on the vehicles, planes, etc.

Dan the driver drives his car

Vroom, vroom, vroom ,vroom vroom

And on his car there is a horn

Vroom, vroom vroom vroom

With a beep beep here

And a beep beep there

Here a beep there a beep

Everywhere a beep beep

Dan the driver drives his car

Vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom.

Preschool Game about Vacations

This game works well in group circle and teaches children about the importance of packing for a trip. The teacher will find items in her house and pack a suitcaseand bring it into the preschool class. Some of the items will make complete sense, such as pyjamas, a toothbrush, and a teddy bear. The other items will make no sense, such as an eggbeater, a garden rake, a remote control and so forth. Each child in the group or collectively can decide whether the item stays in the suitcase or is brought out. The preschool children love the silliness of this game.

Setting Up Drama Play for a Vacation Theme

There are a number of ways for the drama area to be set up to correlate with a vacation theme, such as turning the space into an airplane, bus terminal or train. Another idea is to turn the area into a post office filled with postcards or a travel store filled with maps, bags, traveling mugs and other items found in such a business.


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