Pet Theme for Preschool/Daycare

Posted on January 9, 2012 at 11:25 PM

Pets are a great topic for preschool children as it allows them to talk about their cherished furry friends(scaled friends too).

Start a Pet Theme at Circle Time

To begin a theme about pets, ask the children at group circle who has a pet. This question will definitely open up the topic with discussion. Ask questions like:

•Do you help your mom and dad with taking care of the pet?

•Where does your pet sleep?

•Who feeds the pet and what does it eat?

•What kind of pet do you wish you had?

•What does your pet do that gets him in trouble?

•How do you keep your pet healthy?

Math Activity with Pets

At circle time, a great way to teach math concepts and to learn about all the pets collectively owned by the children and their families is to make a pet graph. Before this activity, prepare a graph onto a large sheet of paper with pictures at the top (or bottom) of commonly owned pets, such as a dog, a cat, a bird, a fish, and a hamster.

These animals will make the individual vertical rows. A few blank rows should also be included for other pets that are given. Then take a tally of pets. Each child will say what kind of pets they have at home and as the answers are provided, the teacher will mark off a block. Then, at the end the preschool children can see which pet animal the classroom has the most of. Discuss with the children how one row is the tallest, and one is the shortest, then count the blocks that were made. This graph can be displayed for families to view.

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Pet Art Ideas

There are many preschool craft ideas surrounding cats, dogs, fish and other house animals on the internet.  Here are some open ended art activities for a pet theme...


  • Painting with dog or cat figurines 
  • Photos of pets with paper and drawing
  • Creating pets animals with clay or playdough
  • Collage material to encourage pet creations: fabric, feathers, paper, yarn, etc. 
  • Paw stamps or stencils
  • Pet rocks


Felt Board Activities for a Pet Preschool Lesson Plan

Felts are a great way to tell stories and involve children in learning activities. Felts are easy to make with the right material. This felt activity involves different color dogs with matching dog houses. At circle time have the preschool children bring felts to the flannel board and match the colors together.

Another felt activity is a story about Scat the Cat. This felt story involves a black cat, other color cats, and a magical hat. The following story goes along with these felts and it works out well if the children are encouraged to say what other things have the same color, and fits into other lesson plans on color.

Once upon a time, there was a black cat. His mother was black, his father was black and his brothers and sisters were black, but one day he decided he did not want to be black anymore. So, he put on his magical hat, and he said, "I'm Scat the Cat and with my hat, I'm going to change my colors just like that!" And he changed himself into an orange cat, and he was as orange and orange could be. He was as orange as....?? (have the children give answers). But then he was tired of being orange, so he put on his hat and said, "I'm Scat the Cat and with my hat, I'm going to change my colors just like that!"

This continues until all the colors are gone and then Scat the Cat decides that it was okay being the color black after all.

Other Preschool Areas to Focus on Pets

Drama Area: Vet's Office

Game: Doggie, Doggie, Where's My Bone

Sensory table: Little Pet Animals

Pets are a fun theme for preschool providing so many possibilities for ways to implement into a curriculum. Hopefully this article provides the program planner with some ideas for the topic and will trigger additional thoughts as well.


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